Cut Right Back On Alcohol And See How It Helps Your Diet And Training

Rarely touch alcohol – maximum five units per week and never after 6pm. You must respect your metabolism and work with it – not against it. As a serious athlete or cyclist, you commit to a disciplined training regime. You value your health and fitness. You want to feel like an Elite rider or top Triathlete, every time you train. So why not follow the same discipline with controlling your weight and alcohol consumption?

Then you’ll feel great. Rarely hungry. And fly up the hills as if they did not exist!

So reducing alcohol consumption is critical. Even better, just give it up completely. Try to combine this with a life-changing event like a new job, a new home move, or a new relationship.

Seriously, this gives you an alternative focus and keeps your discipline. You will find, after a few days, that when you have beer or a glass of wine, that you can really taste the alcohol in it. The flavours that you thought you were yearning for are just not there. They are overwhelmed by the alcohol itself.

Why is this so important? Because you Sonus Complete must respect the importance of a properly functioning liver. A healthy liver is essential to process your weight loss and regulate your whole body’s digestive balance, especially glycogen. The second you consume alcohol, then your liver switches into self-preservation mode, to get the impurities out of your body as fast as you drank them in!

What happens? Well clearly all the other liver activities move back down the queue. So other toxins from training take longer to process out. And other fats in your system take longer to burn. Go to bed at night after a few glasses of wine or beer and you can say goodbye to any weight loss benefits for a couple of days. Yes, it is that important.

But what happens if you slip back into some sociable drinking? A Sunday lunchtime pint is sometimes fine. Or a glass of wine with a good meal. But, if you are serious about weight loss, make sure that you always dilute one glass of an alcoholic drink with at least two glasses of water. The effect will be amazing on your general well-being too. Better sleep, better skin and better late-night abilities for conversation – or other activities that need a healthy body!

But don’t some people advocate that a daily large glass of red wine is good for your health? Sure they do. For the fruit and the tannins. But not for the acidity and the alcohol. Better to purchase a really good juicing machine. Then make the most amazing fresh fruit juice cocktails. But again watch the high sugar content, too late in the evening before bed. Remember a pint of lager has the same sugar content as doughnut coated with icing. How many Elite Cyclists or Top triathletes win races by stuffing themselves with Crispy Cremes?

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