Premium Sagrada Fever To Improve Search Engine Rankings

If you’re one of the thousands of people who have used Google’s Panda and Penguin updates in hopes of improving their websites, it is likely that you’ve run into the term “SVG” a bit. What is this thing? It’s a short, new term being used by search engine spiders to identify Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) code. The code behind an image, video or any other piece of web content is called a “style sheet”, and if your site doesn’t have any of these codes on it, your site is considered a “non-builder” by the search engine. GRINCH SVG

When a search engine user types in a search term, the search engine’s system reads the page the user is browsing and creates an index of all the sites found on that page. The index is based on several factors, including the layout and font used on the page, the layout and color used in the background of the page, and keywords that are contained inside of the page’s coding. When a user types in a certain word or phrase, the program then readies itself to read the rest of the text on the page and “mark” it in its indexed result pages. (The terminology may be a little confusing, but that’s the way it works.)

The only problem with this system is that some words, like “free”, are considered too keyword-focused by the system to be included in the indexed result page. Because of this, those pages will be omitted from the indexing, and thus, from the user’s search results. Those who have “paid” for higher SEO rankings (at least equal to some kind of minimum criterion set by Google) have been waiting for years to get their sites added back into the indexing. And now that Google has added “SVG” codes to its search engine, it makes it easier to do so.

Some of you who know a little about HTML will immediately see how this all works. Basically, you need to create a HTML page with some content… but put the “SVG” code on that page where you want it to appear. For instance, you could create a Sagrada Fever design and put it in the header of your page. Once you do that, the search engine spiders will read the Sagrada Fever page when it does a search, and it will be indexed.

Of course, the code isn’t always necessary, but often, it is. An example would be that if you were doing an ecommerce site, and you wanted the search engine to view your product list, you could add a product description into your page. This way, when the visitor’s search for that product in the search engine, they’d see the description, as well as the link to your site. The advantage is that not only will you gain direct visitors to your site, but you’ll also have a reference that the visitor can click on (which is better than not clicking on a link at all, because that’s what Google frowns on).

In addition to that, these are one of the most used kinds of codes. When you do a search on Google, the search engine displays a list of results, based on how popular the page is. High popularity listings get more traffic, because the search engine thinks they are more important than the rest. So, adding these to your website makes sense. Premium & free Sagrada Fever should help you make your site even more popular and therefore get better search engine rankings!

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