Blending Offline and Online Call Centre

A call centre was traditionally divided into two broad categories: inbound and outbound. However, the modern day call centre has to be divided into voice and non-voice heads. In voice, you can slot all those call centre services that have something to do with voice calls like telemarketing and customer service. In the non-voice section, you can have the other departments like online lead generation and software development services. However, the line that divides these two hemispheres is blurring. There is greater cohesion and adherence among the BPO heads. The blend is helpful for the industry and profitable as well. With the whole unit working like a team, you can only expect the results to be more than satisfactory. Let us closely examine the different ways in which call centers are now getting their heads together like never before.

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Among the online methods, lead generation is probably the most in-demand call centre service game slot online. You can generate leads through websites. BPO units can build websites for the clients, or use the existing ones. The websites are optimized for greater rankings on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. When the users come across the client’s website soon enough, they go through the pages and order as necessary. Sometimes they just leave a comment or write a quick email. The customer care department answers these emails as promptly as they can. The leads come in from these emails and comments. If the prospective customer requests for a call back, the outbound call centre team can do it.

Because it’s the consumer that showed the initial interest, these telemarketing calls often bear results as opposed to the forced calls. The online users often ask for nothing more than additional information. They may also be uncertain about some parts of the offer. A call from the BPO agent can solve the problem and settle the issue for the prospective customer. They may ask questions about the payment options as well. If the lead generation agents are active and skilled, they can turn this curiosity into sales. Customers like to search for items and brands online, but when it comes to making a purchase, they prefer offline procedures. Though the process of ordering and delivery through telemarketing services has improved, customers are still quite skeptical about using online methods for purchase.

The ideal blend of the two different call centre departments is best utilized when they work in tandem. The lead generation is done through online methods. Telemarketing calls have restrictions imposed and it’s not a good idea to call up people who don’t want your telemarketing services anyway. It’s a much better use of resources when you tap people who have already shown an interest online. You can track the users online and contact them through email, or you can call them up on the numbers that they leave for callback. In matters of customer care too, there can be a synergy between the two departments. You can answer the queries of the customers through emails and promotional mails as well.

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