Best Smartphone – Vivo v21E handset With 8GB RAM

The Vivo V21E is an affordable Android smartphone from the manufacturer, Samsung. It comes pre-installed with the new Ticker, an activity manager that offers users information about their usage of their phone and apps Vivo V21e . In this review I will briefly look at the Vivo V21E and see if it can meet up to its expectations or not. In the process I will discover if this phone is worthy of purchasing or not.

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The looks and design of this smartphone are excellent. It looks similar to other Samsung android phones. There is a very noticeable home button on the top right corner which is a positive step forward in terms of user friendliness. The build quality of this unit is also excellent. I like the curved back of this handset which I find very nice. The 3.2 inch screen size is standard for a smartphone and I really like the sharpness of the screen.

The main highlight of this smartphone is undoubtedly its camera performance. The Vivo v21e comes with an eight megapixel camera with laser auto focus. It is one of the best performing smartphones with a large f/stop and offers great photo quality. The android 11 smartphone has a nice camera functionality which enables you to take quality photos with ease.

One of the biggest complaints I have seen with most high-end smartphones is poor sound quality and camera setup. The vivo v 21 e has both which are also apparent with the noise reduction feature incorporated into this smartphone. I do not think that this feature is 100% effective though, as I often found that scenes with strong noises were exaggerated when I tried the same shot using the front or rear camera setup. This flaw could be a result of the software issue I had though, but it’s worth checking if you have the same problem.

The connectivity issues on this handset were also a point against the Vivo v 21 e. Although it has GSM connectivity, the signals are weak. In fact, it was pretty difficult to receive calls on the Vivo v 21E even with a compatible SIM card. The use of GSM technology makes other connectivity features such as wifi and Bluetooth much more useful.

Overall, this was a very impressive smartphone. It had all the modern features I look for in a smartphone and it also has great value for money. The only things I would like to see improved are the software issues and the audio quality, but the price is fantastic for an entry level smartphone like the Vivo v 21E. I would recommend the Vivo v 21E to anyone looking for a smartphone that has a lot of value for money.

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