Fantasies and Realities of Sexual Performance

When we watch movies, read romantic novels and pornographic literature, sex is always presented in a mind-blowing and very exciting way. The marvelous looking and muscular male bodies with the pointing voluminous female breasts coupled with red hot inviting lips could drive even the greatest of saints wild with ecstasy. But, is this so in reality? No, it is not. The situation is completely different in real life.

While conducting researches, it was found out that most people have their first contact with sexual fantasies with the aid of porn materials and movies which go by different names of blue, hard core movies or any other name depending on the jargon of the society Shibuya Kaho . The images demonstrated in such materials tend to make us wonder why our own sex lives fail to compare even to the slightest adventurous and interesting sexual performances as propagated by the porn industry.

There is no reason why one has to be disappointed since these materials only procure the most ideal ways in order to make them as attractive as possible to their clients. The point is that there is a tendency to place great expectations on the less informed people or those that love to live in fantasies. With this in view, a man or woman is tempted to go astray since they are not able to achieve the kind of sexual performance with their partners as the porn stars do.

In reality, the chances are that your partner will be just a plain normal person with less than a perfect body. His or her sexual organs may not be anything near the proportions of the presented characters and may neither be as adventurous nor with the sexual stamina displayed by the blue movie stars. It is also important to bear in mind that most couples will never indulge in group sex or engage in the act of swinging (a practice by which couples exchange sexual partners) just to get their rocks off.

Decent housewives do not engage in seducing physically endowed gardeners, young and good looking delivery boys with the aim of a mind-blowing sexual engagement. However, there is nothing wrong with couples practicing some of the roles portrayed in those movies and magazines. This may even be helpful to avoid boredom and improve creativity between sexual partners.

Unlike the perfect bodied stars, a woman will probably end up with a skinny or pot bellied male partner who is not covered in fake tan nor baby oil. As for those ten inch erect male organ, most of them are fake and enhanced by the camera and as such, should never lead to sexual performance anxiety on the part of the male. Similarly, a woman’s nipples are not supposed to point directly upwards when while she’s lying on her back. The same goes for cellulite which most adult women have.

Every single scene is choreographed and edited from the squelching noises to the fumbling and hardly will you see any erection failure or premature ejaculation. The reality is that if there is no sexual communication between you and your partner, your sex life may be heading down the hill.

When you see the male going for hours and the female climaxing within seconds of foreplay or even without it, bear in mind that these are actors and are required to perform the way they do. Scenes that show the male large ejaculate volumes are either faked or enhanced by sexual enhancement medications and in some cases even by hard drugs. After all, this is what they are paid to do.

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